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PA-1650-01-REV-A02 - 65 Watt AC Adapter and Power Cord For Gateway Notebooks

$29.95 refurbished 0 Request PA-1650-01-REV-A02
Manufacturer: Gateway
Part #: PA-1650-01-REV-A02
Availability: Usually Ships The Same Day
Regular Price: $52.41
Sale Price: $29.95

PA-1650-01-REV-A02 has multiple revisions/ versions. the revision is the letter after the pn. under part number PA-1650-01-REV-A02 you will receive an ac adapter with 19v volts and a plug/ tip connector type 2.5mm. if you are not sure of the specs, revision or version of your ac adapter please call us.
19 volts DC, 3.42 amp, 65-watt output Automatically adjusts for 100 to 240 VAC, 50 to 60 Hz power sources Two-wire design
AC Adapters
Amps 3.42 Ah
Center Tip 2.5mm
Type Barrel
Voltage 19v
W (X)/ H(Y)/ L(Z) 47 X 28 X 108
Watts 65W

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